Welcome to the future of cashflow financing

Up to 99% of your invoice amount paid net-0

Why Kickpay

credit-card Easy

Kickpay is fully automated - you never have to do any work. Check offers, approve, get cash.

dev Fast

Get an offer the instant you submit an invoice. Can't get faster than that..

globe Cheap

Kickpay doesn't provide the capital but instead has investors bid against each other in order to get you the best rate possible.

support Anonymous

Our proprietary software process makes sure that your customers will never know you've sold your invoices to us.

mail Secure

We use bank grade security (SSL 128 bits) on every transaction. We never store your financial information and all of our stored data is fully encrypted.

locked No risk

If your client goes bankrupt, there's no risk for you, as you've already received your hard-earned funds.

Switch to net-0 payments today

Stop extending credit to your customers, get paid immediately.

Start getting offers on your invoices now

Investors compete to
buy your invoices

We are not a factoring company. That means we don't want to make the most amount of money possible on every invoice.

We let investors outbid each other to buy your invoices - in this way, you'll always get the best rate possible.


Start getting invoices paid net-0

When you sell an invoice through Kickpay, the payment can be as fast as same-day.

Just imagine what your company could do if all of its invoices were paid as soon as you post them.


Instant offers on your invoices

Kickpay is fully automated. Once you sign up, you'll start receiving offers on every new invoice automatically.

You can pick and choose the ones you want to sell.


Think about growth again

Kickpay frees your cashflow so that you can invest in your growth, without having to worry about late payments or customers bankruptcies.


How it works

Import your invoices

Let us know what invoices you have. We'll run our credit algorithms and check eligibility of each one.

This lasts around 3 seconds.


Get approved instantly

We've built a decision engine that analyzes hundreds of variables and doesn't just rely on your credit score.

This enables us to instantly approve your account or ask you for more information should we need it.

Invoice your clients

We don't get in the way. Just continue to send out invoices with your current software. We'll see the invoice activity and send you offers when we can fund your invoices!


Get paid net-0

Once you accept an offer, we'll send the money to you with the fastest payment methods available.

You don't have to worry about getting paid, chasing your payers or being able to pay your suppliers!

Invoices we accept

These are some of the payers we'll instantly approve - we accept up to 90% of payers!